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Interventional Pain Management


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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery


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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)


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Regenerative Medicine


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Advanced Pain Care Specialists

Pain Physicians NY Insurances AcceptedOur Wellness Philosophy: Pain Physicians NY provides a full range of advanced pain management services to help our patients return to a healthy and pain-free life style. Our comprehensive approach to pain care is individualized, and we are committed to
providing the most effective treatments and utilizing the latest technologies for each patient.

Pain Management That Cares About You

If you dread going to bed at night because you know you will be in pain the next morning.  If you are missing out on exciting adventures and giving up on the things that you love to do because you know that it will hurt.  There is something you can do.  There is hope.  There is pain management nyc.

Sitting on the sidelines watching life go by is not living.  You are being kept from being an active participant in your own life. It is time to reengage with your life; reconnect with your loved ones; and rediscover your passions.  And we can help you do all of that and so much more.

You are a unique person with a unique body, and we acknowledge this by outlining a course of action that is completely individualized.  There is no trying to fit you into a prepackaged, cookie cutter program here.   You will receive the highest quality of patient specific care.

We are your support system.  We are your guide rail.  We will help you every step of the way.  You have made the decision to take the first step of your revived life, and as we begin this journey towards a life free of pain, we will listen.

Communication is a pillar of our philosophy, and these doors are always going.  We want you to play an active role in your treatment.  This means that any question, comment or concern you may have will never fall on deaf ears.  We can tell you exactly why we are doing what we are doing, and no question is ever too small.

Our professionals are experts in their field, and continue to expand their own knowledge.  Which means that you will always receive the most current treatment using state of the art technologies.  The pace at which technology is growing can make last year’s methods obsolete.  Our team is always at the top of their game and at the head of the pack.

Why live a life of pain when a pain free existence is so easily within your reach.  You can see that we offer a number of services for a wide range of issue that could be causing you pain.  At pain management NYC you can expect expert care and a personable staff that want nothing more for you to live life to the fullest and healthiest and absolutely pain free.

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"It was like a miracle. The staff at Pain Physicans NY worked with me to ensure that my neck pain was actually fixed, and not just masked with prescription medication."