Pain Management Treatment Options

Pain Management
Our office specializes in minimally invasive, multidisciplinary pain treatment options to give our clients an opportunity to live Pain Free! From Interventional Pain Management, Chiropractic procedures and Pharmacological Pain Management, the experts at Pain Physicians NY uses multiple approaches to solve all and any pain conditions.

What are you looking for in an NYC chiropractor? Probably not someone who alleviates the pain only to ensure that it returns so you will return too.   This chiropractor New York City office is dedicated to not only giving the patient relief from pain, but to determine if there are changes that could be made to help the patient to better overall health.

The variety of treatment options sounds complex, but the ideas behind them are quite simple and when carried out by an expert can offer the patient relief.  Neuromuscular reeducation is simply trying to retrain the relationship between nerves and muscles, especially if that communication has been interrupted or altered by an injury.

Trigger point therapy is a technique that relies on the idea that unexplained pain may be coming from a muscle knot, which doesn’t even need to be near the area of pain.  By find the trigger points, a nyc chiropractor can treat these areas using techniques like deep tissue massage or mechanical vibration.

Stretching is a simple thing that can do wonders for your overall physical health.  You will learn the proper ways to stretch without straining your muscles.  And we will teach you stretches for your specific body needs, because we take individualized care seriously, right down to the type of stretching you do.

Spinal manipulations are the same thing that you might hear referred to as an adjustment.  There are four phases: orientation, preload, thrust, resolution.  By moving through these phases, the doctor will adjust the spine back into its proper position.  This type of therapy can temporarily relieve pain but also shorten acute back pain recovery time.   Joint mobilization is this same concepts applied to a particular synovial joint.

Hopefully this explanation makes our practice seem a little less intimidating.  And of course we do not just have you in for a session and kick you out the door with no clue about what just happened.  You understanding this process and how it affects your body will ultimately help in your recovery.

When you choose a chiropractor New York City,  you shouldn’t accept anything less than the very best.  And the very best is exactly what we offer.